Advices on small AS RS




Advices on small AS RS System

Advices on small AS RS System

Mar 22, 2024

While traditional AS/RS systems are known for their large-scale applications in warehouses, there are some possibilities for smaller, more adaptable AS/RS solutions. Here's what you can consider:

Limited Scope AS/RS:

  • Focus on Specific Needs: Instead of a full-blown warehouse automation system, consider a smaller AS/RS designed for a specific task. This could involve automating retrieval of frequently accessed items in a workshop, managing high-value inventory in a retail backroom, or storing medical supplies in a hospital efficiently.
  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs): These compact systems are a good option for smaller spaces. VLMs resemble vending machines for parts or tools, offering automated retrieval of vertically stacked items.
  • Carousel Systems: Ideal for frequently accessed, smaller items, carousels rotate to bring the desired item to a designated pick-up point, saving time and effort.

Scalable Solutions:

  • Modular Design: Look for AS/RS options with modular components. This allows you to start with a smaller system and gradually expand it as your storage needs or business grows.
  • Mobile Units: Some AS/RS systems, like specific VLMs, can be mobile, offering flexibility in terms of placement and use within a space.

Alternative Automation Solutions:

  • Robotic Arms: While not technically an AS/RS, robotic arms can be a good option for automating pick-and-place tasks in smaller workspaces. They offer greater dexterity and flexibility than traditional AS/RS systems for specific applications.
  • Smart Storage Systems: Invest in smart shelving units with integrated inventory management software or warehouse management software. These can track stock levels, optimize storage layout, and even suggest reorder points, promoting efficiency in smaller storage areas.

Important Considerations:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Smaller AS/RS systems might still require a significant investment. Carefully evaluate the ROI (Return on Investment) to ensure the cost savings from improved efficiency outweigh the initial expense.
  • Implementation and Maintenance: While smaller, implementation and ongoing maintenance needs should still be factored in when considering a small AS/RS system.

Exploring Options:

  • Research and Consult with Providers: Even for smaller applications, explore what specialized AS/RS providers offer. Discuss your specific needs and see if there are solutions that fit your space and budget constraints.
  • Consider Used Equipment: Depending on your budget and application, purchasing a used, well-maintained AS/RS system might be a viable option for smaller-scale automation.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your specific needs and space limitations. Consulting with Specialists on warehouse automated solution, you may find a plausible solution to bring the benefits of automation to your smaller storage environment.

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