Basic glimpse on the consideration of AS/




Basic glimpse on the consideration of AS/RS

Basic glimpse on the consideration of AS/RS

Mar 15, 2024

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are deployed to improve operation, reduce employee's overall work burden with high in and out capacity, and elevate the space efficiency via its high-density structure.

As a technology developed in the 1960s, it has gone through large amounts of refinements and rectification to accommodate the ongoing of the fast variation of the supply chain dynamics.

To empower your business with the cutting-edge technology, it's essential to evaluate on-site operation, facility status quo and business objectives in as to designate a pertinent storage solution which improves storage capacity and material handling.


The key indicator for which kind of AS/RS System worth your consideration could be intermingled with tangled conditions. but a few questions may shed some light on our purpose on decision-making.


Question 1: How Many Shifts Are You Processing?

This is one of the most important things when it comes to considering AS/RS. if you're running burdensome amounts of shifts and a large volume of products, you could considerate AS/RS as an option for your industrial edge on today's commercial competition. whereas in today's advanced AS/RS, it's not simply taken as a high-density storage, it can also help buffering, sequencing and tracking.


Regarding a common case for an ASRS crane, to use it as a raw material handling buffer and also support a multi-shift production operation. it's accessible to manifest multiple tasks in the same racking like storing end products, and also storing raw materials or semi-product.


The utility rate on the operation of AS/RS can be a key point for considerate the ROI. it takes effort and expertise to design and build an AS/RS accommodated for multiple tasks integrated on WMS warehouse management software.


Question 2: Do You Need Higher Handling Capacity?

Concerning the high volume of material handling, or manufacturing process can benefit the convenient inventory management and control delivered by automated storage solution.


When truck or shipping containers drop off large loads of material, it's easy to acknowledge the dynamic inventory volume and specifications on visible application through WMS Warehouse Management Software which could smooth the entire work flow and reduce possible manual errors.


Question 3: Do You Have Any Specific Requirement on Initial Inventory Check?


On landscape of certain industries, like food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, Electronic Equipment Manufacturing - it always entails a buffer period for QA to inspect the inventory meet the requirements enacted by quality control department. In this situation, An AS/RS could be easily accessible and competent in the due tracking and allocation as per it organize all the factors like environment condition and facility operations engineered by an automated warehouse control system.


Question 4: Do You Need More Secure Handling in Case Potential Hazzard?

When comparing to the traditional material handling methods, an AS/RS could be regarded as more reliable on material handling in a secure way. Sometimes, it requires to handle some materials which are fragile or shaped in an oddly manner.


If you use either a unit/mini load ASRS, certain load handling options are at your disposal, including telescopic forks, traditional forks, or platen. Unlike conventional methods of product movement such as traditional forklifts and fork trucks, ASRS can be finely calibrated for speed, precise handling adjustments, and storage depths tailored to match the specific product, throughput, and movement requirements.


Secure Handling method could help you refrain from potential damage, inventory loss, or safety hazards resulting from inadequate manual handling. These meticulously controlled storage environments are governed by storage put-away rules manifested by the warehouse control system.


Automated replenishment seamlessly facilitates order picking and consolidation. Integrated with warehouse management software, this technology provides dependable real-time data on your inventory, offering added reassurance on product identification, movement status, and inventory location, thereby offering safer management of your assets. In essence, the ASRS could be likened to a fortified vault.


In conclusion, as markets, consumer behaviors, and supply chains evolve, it's crucial to maintain control and visibility over inventory while ensuring operational safety.


ASRS provides an excellent solution for industries where high volumes of products move in and out frequently. While saving on labor is a common reason for considering ASRS, there are numerous other benefits, including faster supply chains, customized inventory handling, increased storage capacity, longevity, space and labor savings, and enhanced safety and security.


ASRS systems are adept at handling the challenges of moving and storing items, and recent advancements have made them even more flexible, supporting multiple functions and shifts while seamlessly integrating into larger systems. Whether you opt for a pre-made or custom solution, implementing ASRS can boost throughput, efficiency, and space utilization.

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