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Eight principle of steel structure platform

Eight principle of steel structure platform

Jan 02, 2024

For those familiar with the storage rack

industry, it's known that there is a wide variety of storage racks, each suitable for different industries. Among them, steel platform racks, also known as steel structure platforms or mezzanine racks, stand out due to their unique structure. Let's go dive into the specifics of steel platform racks.


Steel platforms, designed to maximize storage in limited spaces, have become a crucial solution for businesses facing the challenges of rising real estate costs. These platforms enhance space utilization by providing a multi-level storage solution. Similar to other storage racks, steel platforms are characterized by a fully assembled structure consisting of columns, main beams, secondary beams, floor panels, stairs, and safety railings. They are typically designed as 2-3 levels and offer a load-bearing capacity ranging from 300 kg to 1500 kg per square meter.


When selecting columns for steel platforms, durable square or round tubes with high load-bearing capacity and minimal steel usage are commonly chosen. Main and secondary beams often utilize the most economically rational H-shaped steel profiles based on load requirements. Specially rolled floor panels, featuring a clip-on structure, provide a strong overall platform structure. The entire platform is assembled, usually without on-site welding, making it easy to install and dismantle.


The space beneath the steel platform can be utilized for production or storage, while the upper space can be used for additional storage or office purposes, catering to diverse needs of different enterprises. With high strength, low self-weight, and significant rigidity, steel platforms are particularly suitable for constructing large-span, heavy-duty storage platforms. Their fully assembled structure allows for flexible disassembly and relocation without hassle.


The construction of steel platforms is straightforward, requiring no embedded elements and avoiding damage to the factory floor. With a relatively short construction period, a steel platform project can be completed approximately within a month after the design is finalized.


However, it's crucial to adhere to safety principles when using steel platforms. The eight key safety principles for the use of steel structure platforms are:


1. Display load limit signs prominently, especially for platforms with hydraulic lifting systems.

2. Avoid placing support points on scaffolding or other construction facilities.

3. Ensure that the concrete beams supporting steel platform support points are embedded and connected with bolts.

4. Maintain a 45 to 60-degree angle between the steel wire rope used and the horizontal plane of the platform.

5. Verify the tensile strength of upper connection points to guarantee the safety of the building and the platform.

6. Secure steel wire ropes with dedicated hooks or at least three other fastening methods.

7. Use dedicated shackles instead of direct hooking for steel wire ropes.

8. Install protective railings around the steel platform perimeter, considering the need for additional safety nets if necessary, to prevent falls of personnel or goods.


By adhering to these principles, businesses can ensure the safe and effective utilization of steel structure platforms in their operations.

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