Mini Load AS/RS Systems: What You Need to




Mini Load AS/RS Systems: What You Need to Know

Mini Load AS/RS Systems: What You Need to Know

Mar 15, 2024

What is Mini Load System?

Mini load system is the best solution designed for small items. Unlike traditional unit load systems in demand for high inventory throughout ratio, mini load systems focus on efficiently managing smaller quantities of item (i.e. cases, totes, tray, etc.).


Classic Component of Mini Load System:

1. Shelving System: This system accommodates single- to multiple-deep storage of load carriers, including totes, boxes, or containers based on good-to-person principle.


2. Rack Aisles with Cranes: Each mini load system features one or more rack aisles equipped with automated mini load cranes.


3. Inbound and Outbound Conveyor Systems: utilizing conveyor systems to facilitate operations within the mini load system. These conveyors streamline the movement of loads into and out of the warehouse, enhancing overall throughput ratio.


4. Workstations: Workstations are employed to handle in and out of inventory, buffering and sequencing.


5. Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software: At the kernel of the mini load system is information management software responsible for integrate all material handlings. This Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes inventory management, coordinates storage and retrieval tasks from visible and dynamic data report, reassure the efficient operation of an ASRS system.


In essence, a well-designed mini load system integrates these components in a harmonious manner, leveraging automation and advanced software control to enhance warehouse efficiency, improve the storage capacity and stock turnover ratio.


Facts on Mini Load

Construction: A standalone steel structure installed within either a warehouse or silo, functioning as the load-bearing framework.

Shelf/aisle height: up to 24 m

Storage density: single, double, or custom

Loading equipment: totes, boxes, containers in standard formats or in customer-specific dimensions

Stacker crane payload: up to 250 kg (higher loads by special order)

Travel speed of stacker crane: up to 6 m/s

Lifting speed of stacker crane: up to 3 m/s


When to Implement Mini Load Systems

Mini load systems are ideal for applications requiring high-density storage and high stock turnover ratio of small items. They are commonly used in industries such as e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and parts distribution, where space utilization and order picking speed are critical.


In summary, mini load systems work by automating the storage and retrieval of small items in warehouses and distribution centers, s, and streamlining inventory movement processes through advanced control software.

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