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Sanho Cookware Faciliate its Supply Chain Operations by ASRS with Conveyor system & Stacker Cranes in the support of Vijing Racking

Sanho Cookware Faciliate its Supply Chain Operations by ASRS with Conveyor system & Stacker Cranes in the support of Vijing Racking

Mar 22, 2024

þ A warehouse storage system that has efficiently increased the storage space exceeding the expectation and commitment.

þ ViJING Racking has installed a High-density VNA Pallet Racking System that provides 1,1200 pallet positions.

High density heavy duty pallet racking system

SANHO is a leading cookware manufacturer founded in 2004. They specialize in aluminum and stainless steel cookware. To accommodate the omnichannel commercial pattern and competitive market environment. Like many share-holders in the industrial sector, SANHO has been committed to build its own edge on warehouse operation.


SANHO has carried out project of automated warehouse racking system, on CIXI, China. The project covers on conveyor system, stacker crane, WMS and VNA racking etc.


Mr.Yu Administration & Production Manager, repetitively  emphasized the need to consolidate its products(Semi product, End product) on the same racking system in as for better operational efficiency.


Key Considerations for Sanho

Sanho prioritized several key factors during the selection process. Efficiency, know-how, and adherence to agreements were paramount. The quality of the final storage solution was equally important, ensuring optimal functionality and durability in the integration of automated warehouse equipments. Vijing Racking's proven ability to deliver on these aspects instilled confidence in Sanho's decision.

 Conveyor System

Reliable Project Experience

Sanho representatives expressed satisfaction with the project experience alongside Vijing Racking. They commended Vijing Racking's commitment to achieving the best possible outcome, including providing valuable guidance on facility arrangement for the chosen racking system. This collaborative approach ensured a well-designed and implemented storage solution that met Sanho's expectations.

Pallet Conveyor System


What's Next for Sanho?

The implementation of Vijing Racking's storage solutions is expected to yield significant benefits for Sanho's Cixi warehouse operations. Increased storage capacity will accommodate Sanho's expanding inventory, while optimized workflow processes will enhance picking and retrieval efficiency in as that  efficiently faster order fulfillment times and improved customer satisfaction.



  • Q: What is AS/RS?
  • Q: What are the benefits of using AS/RS for Sanho Cookware?
    • A: The FAQ can elaborate on several benefits, including:
      • Increased storage capacity and space optimization.
      • Improved efficiency and speed in order fulfillment.
      • Reduced labor costs and enhanced safety.
      • Improved inventory control and accuracy.
  • Q: What role does the conveyor system play in Sanho Cookware's AS/RS?
    • A: The conveyor system likely transports goods to and from the stacker cranes within the AS/RS for efficient movement and sorting.
  • Q: How do stacker cranes work in Sanho Cookware's AS/RS?
    • A: The stacker cranes are automated machines that retrieve and store pallets or goods on high shelving within the AS/RS.
  • Q: How has the AS/RS implementation improved Sanho Cookware's supply chain operations?
    • A: Here, you can mention specific improvements, such as faster order fulfillment times, reduced picking errors, or increased warehouse capacity.
  • Q: Can other companies benefit from a similar AS/RS solution?
    • A: Yes, many companies can benefit from AS/RS, especially those with high-volume storage needs or a desire for increased efficiency.
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