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Understanding the Intensive Warehouse Racking Systems: Features, Benefits, and Examples

Understanding the Intensive Warehouse Racking Systems: Features, Benefits, and Examples

Jan 15, 2024


In today's age of rapid industrial development, smart warehouse management is crucial for businesses to maintain their efficiency and competitiveness.

Applications on warehouse management

One of the keys to efficient warehouse management is the use of intensive warehouse racking systems. These systems, designed to maximize storage density, have become increasingly popular in industries dealing with large-scale, single-item batches, like food and beverages, chemical, and tobacco industries.

Intensive warehouse racking systems employ special access methods or shelf structures to ensure continuous storage of goods, enhancing storage density to the maximum. However, they also come with inherent characteristics such as fewer operating channels and potentially lower operating efficiency.

Let's delve into the different types of intensive warehouse racking systems and their benefits, along with some global examples:

1.     Drive-In Racking: Also known as through or corridor racking, this system allows forklifts to enter the racking system to store or retrieve goods. The forklift's running channel doubles as storage space, allowing for high-density storage. Companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle, operating worldwide, use drive-in racking for their warehouses due to its low cost, simple structure, and high storage rate.

2.     Push-Back Racking: This system uses specially made pallet carts that slide on inclined rails. It's ideal for warehouse areas serving as transit storage, where quick access to goods is required. Proctor & Gamble is a well-known company that uses push-back racking extensively.

3.     Gravity Flow Racking: Similar to push-back racking, gravity flow racking replaces the guide rails and pallet carts with gravity rollers. It's ideal for uniform, large-batch goods and can be used for non-stop supply of materials in production lines. Companies like Amazon and Walmart, with their extensive logistics operations, have incorporated gravity flow racking in their warehouses.

4.     Shuttle Racking: This system uses a shuttle cart that moves along rails in the depth of the racking system. It can support both first-in-first-out (FIFO) and last-in-first-out (LIFO) operations. Companies like IKEA and Costco use shuttle racking systems due to their high adaptability and automation capabilities.

5.     Mobile Racking: In this system, each rack row is mounted on a motor-driven system that moves along a track. It's best suited for low-frequency, high-density storage with varied inventory. Companies like Samsung and Philips use mobile racking systems for their electronic goods storage.

6.     Multi-Deep Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS): This system combines traditional racking with automated stacker cranes, offering a highly automated intensive storage solution. Giants like Amazon and Alibaba use AS/RS for their vast, varied, and fast-moving inventory.

While intensive warehouse racking systems offer numerous benefits, they are not without challenges. These systems require precision in calculation and material selection to ensure safety. Also, the cost and maintenance could be higher for some types of
industrial racking systems, and they might not be suitable for every industry. However, with the right planning and implementation, these systems can greatly enhance warehouse efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, as businesses continue to grow and evolve, so too will the methods for storing and managing inventory.
Intensive warehouse racking systems offer a viable solution for many businesses looking to optimize their warehouse operations and ultimately, their bottom line.

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