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You Need to Know about Automated Pallet Transport System

You Need to Know about Automated Pallet Transport System

Jan 03, 2024

Automated pallet transport system is an important part of the automated warehouse, it has the role of the logistics station to connect the role of people and workstations in the connection, by integrating warehouse workflow of storage such as processing and assembly and other logistics functions at the same time, but also has a temporary storage of materials and buffer function. Through the reasonable use of the automated pallet conveyor system, can make the articulation between the handling processes more closely, improve production efficiency, which is an essential means of regulating the logistics point.

In the in and out of automated warehouse system, automated pallet conveyor system function generally includes conveying, receiving, handling and storage of materials, usually also includes the completion of the size check, weighing and automatic identification and other functions. The pallet goods from A to B, complete the pallet and material space-time transfer function, and other functions can be completed in the process.


Types of automated conveyor system

1. Conveyor mode

The so-called conveyor mode, is composed of a variety of automatic pallet conveyor system. Pallet conveyor has chain type, roller type, plate type, lifting platform and other forms, in the automated warehouse system, in order to meet the system on the pallet of goods in the ability to meet the general requirements of higher transport efficiency roller conveyor, chain conveyor composed of pallets of automated conveyor systems. It’s also reasonable to customize automotive pallet conveyor system with specific function by utilizing single type or multi-type of conveyor combination.

2. Reciprocating shuttle mode

Reciprocating shuttle is a new type of railed material handling vehicle, operating in the fixed track. In some special conditions, the reciprocating shuttle composed of automated material handling system are very simple and convenient. For example: for automation of pallet in/out operations, it entails the lateral conveying of pallets opposing the aisles, thus it’s an ideal solution to adopt reciprocating shuttle.


3. Ring-type shuttle mode

Both Lateral and vertical conveying can be possible by utilizing ring-type shuttle. Meanwhile it allows for multiple shuttles work at the same time


4. AGV mode

AGVS, an automated conveyor system composed of AGVs, can transport pallets flexibly over a long distance.


Conveying mode analysis

1. Conveyor mode

The advantages of conveyor mode are:

a.          Continuous conveying mode: This mode is characterized with high transport capacity, the loading and unloading process are operated without any suspension, not any suspension incurred by empty load will occur. In addition to that, it is practical to remain high transport speed due to lack of frequent start and brake and long life-span electric components of its conveyors.


b. Cost-effective Design. it retains single action and compact structure, its own weight is lighter. Based on the stable speed and uniform load, the power consumed in the work is generally smaller and less change which could conspire to guarantee an economical performance.

c. The length of a single conveyor can be lengthened, multiple conveyors can be integrated to a long-distance conveyor, easily realizing the programmed control and automation operation.

d. The material buffer function can be easily handled on the conveyor line.


The disadvantages of the conveyor mode are:

Poor versatility is the prime disadvantage of this mode, The Conveyors must be arranged according to the entire conveying path. many of conveying equipment and complicated conveying path are categorized as rigid transportation, therefore it’s unsuitable to modify the path. Its cost is generally higher than compact shuttle. In common cases, for satisfy the need of capacity, it always entails combination of many devices for channeling which occupies a lot of space.


2. Reciprocating shuttle mode

Unlike the conveyor mode, reciprocating shuttle mode doesn’t support continuous transport, but it allows for intermittent fast transport and semi-flexible transport.


It’s convenient to utilize reciprocating shuttle to complete automation in and out process of pallets, which necessitate the lateral transport opposed to aisle finished by pallet.


This mode is characterized by: simple and clear system, less equipment, small size, fast transport, shuttle can be designated to automatically pick up the device, allow for high weight goods transportation.


The disadvantage: It’s not the best match for large-scale automated storage and retrieval system for its limited is easy to form the library capacity bottleneck, affecting the operation of the AS/RS system.


In addition, the reliability of the system is largely implicated by single reciprocating shuttle. if occurring the failure of shuttle, the whole system will not be able to complete the storage operation. Therefore, it is especially important to maintain the reliability of the shuttle for this mode.

2.Ring-type Shuttle Mode

The ring-type shuttle mode is developed from the reciprocating shuttle mode. In this mode, the shuttle is positioned in a ring shape in the same plane, thus multiple shuttles can be operated at the same time, which overcomes the defects of the reciprocating shuttle mode that may generate operational bottlenecks, but still has the advantages of maintaining a reciprocating shuttle, a ring type shuttle can be used to transport pallets laterally and vertically according to the needs. Multiple shuttles can operate vertically and laterally at the same time in accordance with the needs.


However, the cost of track building is relatively high with a view to the complexity of track model. Meanwhile, it also entails the wireless communication to schedule which will generate certain technical requirements.


3.AGV mode

AGV mode is adequate choice for high flexibility automated pallet conveyor system. AGV mode, using AGV constitute professional AGVS, can implement flexible long-distance transport. Stacking machine is connected to conveyor station at the entry/exit entrance, AGVS is connected to the conveyor station. Equipped with intelligent power supply and security assurance system, under the automatic scheduling of upper computer system, AGV would transport the goods to any part of production line. Therefore, one might say,” AGV is tireless porter”


And when it is necessary to make changes in the production process, the only thing need to do is to reprogramming of advanced AGVS (such as laser-guided vehicle system LGVS).  The mere disadvantage of this mode is the high cost.


For the implementation of automated pallet transport systems for specific warehouse systems, it is necessary to analyze specific issues according to the actual, specific problems. A variety of automated transportation mode described above, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


It’s recommended to specify the requirement in as to adopt the ideal transport mode.


The following factors are very important

1.Specific requirements for conveyed items and pallets: Identify what kind of items are stored in the automated storage and retrieval system, it’s required to design a special conveyor for certain items; the standardization of the pallet is very important, which is the necessary technical basis for modern logistics. the demand for transportation capacity: the entry and exit capacity of AS/RS must match the conveying capacity of automated pallet transport system. In general cases, the entry and exit capacity of AS/RS should be slightly higher than the automated pallet transport system.


3.Economy: Under the premise of normal operation, it’s necessary to adopt the economic transport mode in as to reduce unnecessary waste.

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