Mobile Racking 101: Unlocking Warehouse Efficiency (Storage, System, Capacity)




Mobile Racking 101: Unlocking Warehouse Efficiency (Storage, System, Capacity)

Mobile Racking 101: Unlocking Warehouse Efficiency (Storage, System, Capacity)

Apr 09, 2024

Does your warehouse feel like a constant game of Tetris with your inventory? Are you cramming things in, rearranging, and wishing for just a bit more storage space? A hero is waiting in the wings: mobile racking!

Traditional Racks vs. Mobile Racking: A Tale of Two Warehouses

Imagine a warehouse with rows and rows of static shelving, each with its dedicated aisle. This is the traditional setup, and it works well for many applications. But what if you could store significantly more in the same amount of space?

That's where mobile racking comes in. Think of it as a shelving system on wheels. Each rack sits on a motorized base that glides along floor tracks using an automated control system. Here's the magic: you only need one working aisle at a time. By electronically controlling the movement of the racks with a remote or control panel, you can create an aisle wherever you need it, maximizing your storage capacity.

How Mobile Racking Works: A Breakdown for Busy Bees

Mobile racking systems have two key components:

  • The Racks: These are heavy-duty shelving units designed to hold your inventory, similar to traditional pallet racks.
  • The Rails and Bases: Embedded tracks are installed on the warehouse floor. Each rack sits on a motorized base equipped with wheels that glide along these tracks.

Here's the action sequence:

1.     Need to access something? No problem! Using a remote control or a control panel, you send a signal to the desired rack.

2.     Moving Time! The motors in the base whir to life, propelling the rack along the tracks. Selected racks slide sideways, opening up an aisle.

3.     Voila! Your Access Awaits! With the chosen aisle clear, you can use a forklift or even walk in (depending on the system) to access your goods.

4.     Once you're done: Simply close the aisle by electronically maneuvering the racks back together.

Benefits Galore: Why Mobile Racking Might Be Your Perfect Match

Mobile racking offers a treasure trove of advantages for warehouses looking to optimize space and efficiency:

  • Space Saviour: This is the star benefit! You can store up to 60% more inventory in the same footprint compared to traditional static racking, significantly improving your overall storage capacity.
  • Pick and Choose with Ease: Needing just one working aisle doesn't mean sacrificing accessibility. Mobile racking allows for efficient retrieval of any item at any time, providing direct access to your goods.
  • Safety First: Modern mobile racking systems come equipped with sophisticated safety features. These include sensors that prevent movement if obstacles are detected and automatic shut-off mechanisms, ensuring a safe working environment.
  • Adaptable Advantage: Mobile racking systems can be customized to fit your specific needs. From weight capacity to rack height, there's a configuration to suit your warehouse, offering great adaptability.

Is Mobile Racking Right for You?

Mobile racking isn't a one-size-fits-all warehouse storage solution. Here are some things to consider:

  • Warehouse Height: Mobile racking can be quite tall, so make sure your warehouse has the necessary clearance to accommodate the system.
  • Inventory Turnover: If you frequently access all your stored items, mobile racking might not be the best fit. The time it takes to open an aisle using the electronic controls could impact efficiency.
  • Budget Considerations: Mobile racking typically has a higher initial investment compared to static racking. However, the long-term space savings and increased storage capacity can outweigh the upfront cost.

Speak to a Mobile Racking Specialist!

Wondering if mobile racking is the key to unlocking your warehouse's potential? Consulting with a mobile racking specialist can help you determine the best solution for your needs. They can assess your space, inventory, and budget to recommend a mobile racking system that optimizes your storage capacity and streamlines your operations.

Q&A: Mobile Racking


1.     Is mobile racking safe? Absolutely! Modern mobile racking systems come equipped with safety features like sensor technology and automatic shut-off mechanisms.

2.     Can I customize a mobile racking system? Yes! Mobile racking systems are adaptable and can be configured to fit your specific needs, including weight capacity and rack height.

3.     How much can mobile racking increase my storage capacity? Mobile racking can significantly increase your storage capacity by up to 60% compared to traditional static racking.

4.     Is mobile racking a good fit for every warehouse? Not necessarily. Consider factors like warehouse height, inventory turnover, and budget to determine if mobile racking is the right solution for you.

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