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Vijing Racking Delivers State-of-the-Art Cold Storage Racking System for Yili Group

Vijing Racking Delivers State-of-the-Art Cold Storage Racking System for Yili Group

Sep 27, 2023


In a recent collaboration with Yili Group, one of the leaders in the Milk industry in China, Vijing Racking has successfully implemented a revolutionary Cold Storage Racking System equipped with a pallet shuttle. This project marks a significant milestone in the field of warehouse solutions, showcasing Vison Racking's expertise in automated logistics.


Revolutionizing Cold Storage with Advanced Technology

Yili Group's new facility, designed to optimize cold storage operations, now boasts Vijing Racking's latest innovation. The Cold Storage Racking System, known for its efficiency in space utilization and temperature maintenance, is tailored to meet the specific needs of Yili's dairy products.


Pallet Shuttle: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision

A key feature of this project is the integration of a pallet shuttle system. This advanced technology ensures precise and swift movement of goods within the cold storage environment, significantly reducing manual handling and the associated risk of product damage or spoilage.


Customized Solution for Optimal Performance

Understanding the unique challenges of cold storage, Vijing Racking has customized the system to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring durability and reliability. The design focuses on maximizing storage capacity while maintaining easy access and efficient product retrieval.



A Step Forward in Automated Logistics Solutions

This collaboration with Yili Group represents a leap forward in the realm of automated logistics solutions. The Cold Storage Racking System with pallet shuttle is not just a storage solution; it's a testament to Vijing Racking's commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver complex, technologically advanced systems.


Enhancing Yili Group's Competitive Edge

With this new system, Yili Group is set to experience enhanced operational efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved product handling. Vijing Racking's solution positions Yili at the forefront of the dairy industry, equipped to face the challenges of modern logistics and storage.



Cold Chain Excellency

Vijing Racking's project with Yili Group is a prime example of how cutting-edge warehouse solutions can transform the logistics landscape. It demonstrates the power of innovative technology in optimizing storage, handling, and overall operational efficiency, paving the way for future advancements in the field.

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